Mailing Address

  Lacombe Fish and Game Association
Box 5573
Lacombe, Alberta
T4L 1X2

Lacombe Fish and Game Executive 2019

PresidentJeremy Moorepresident@lfga.ca403-357-4187
1st Vice-PresidentGreg Lunnfirstvp@lfga.ca403-588-0852
2nd Vice-PresidentRobert Brownsecondvp@lfga.ca403-506-9390
SecretaryDavid Jamessecretary@lfga.ca403-782-6330
TreasurerKim Willingtontreasurer@lfga.ca403-782-7233
Campsite ChairDave Powellcampsite@lfga.ca403-782-3893
Hunting ChairAlan Hendersonhunting@lfga.ca403-304-2716
Fishing ChairBernie Streetfishing@lfga.ca403-782-4668
Trophy ChairDave Powelltrophy@lfga.ca403-782-3893
Membership ChairConstance Powellmembership@lfga.ca403-782-3893
Publicity ChairMike Zilkowskypublicity@lfga.ca403-392-1922
Environmental ChairLeroy Hawtinenvironment@lfga.ca403-782-3054
Special Events ChairGrant Creaseyprograms@lfga.ca403-782-3108
Gun Range ChairGreg Lunnrange@lfga.ca403-588-0852

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